Christmas Music

61DACA6RlaL.jpgMusic is everywhere at Christmas

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without music now would it? From the traditional Christmas carols sung in schools, churches, and in all the Malls and shops, everywhere, to those children’s favorites, “Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer“, “The Christmas Alphabet” and “When Santa got stuck up the chimney” to romantic and well-loved songs such as, “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, “White Christmas” and the more modern songs, including all those published specifically at Christmas time to take advantage of the Christmas market.

At Work51pRxvpIfhL.jpg

Many people take their favorite Christmas albums in with them to work, even if only on the last day before Christmas and the selection of music chosen by work colleagues can be truly breathtaking, from Brenda Lee, “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”, to Carrie Underwood’s “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, giving you a whole new view of the boss or that grumpy person down the corridor. Of course, there are some businesses where music cannot be played, at least in the public areas but for many people, an MP3 player, with ear phones is a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit, especially if the office party starts at the end of the working day.

At Home

You can find lots of Christmas music for free on Youtube, especially for children and it often includes cartoons or graphics to keep them amused, although there can also be adverts and sometimes poor internet connections can spoil the fun.

As a Gift

Music is a great gift at Christmas, or at any time and if you do not know the person’s musical tastes, you can always give a gift card, so they can buy or download their favorite music or perhaps even buy themselves an ipod or MP3 player to listen to any music collections they already have.

Christmas Decorations

51l1hKOVXPL.jpgChristmas Wreath or Garland

A Christmas Wreath is a nice welcoming touch to put on your front door for guests arriving at your house, or even to welcome you home after a hard day, reminding you that Christmas is not far away.

The shape and make up of the wreath have particular meaning for Christmas, with the circular shape (that is, having no beginning and no end) representing eternity. Wreaths are generally made from greenery that is available at Christmas time (Winter in the Northern hemisphere) and this represents growth and everlasting life, because the greenery comes from evergreen plants, those that do not lose their greenery or leaves in the winter time.

Of course,  many people do not have time to make their own 51HywmMReEL.jpgwreaths these days and many natural purchased wreaths can look faded and dry by the end of the Christmas holiday, especially if you like to start Christmas early, so an artificial wreath can be a great buy, remaining fresh and welcoming throughout the holiday and available ready for next year too!

Other external Christmas decorations can include artificial lighted Poinsettia trees to sit against your wall. If you have ever tried keeping real poinsettias, you will know that it is very difficult to keep the leaves a bright red color, so these poinsettia trees, rising from a golden urn (included) provide a great and easy welcome to Christmas. They plug into an AC outlet.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without at least some semblance of snow. While some people live in climates that never see snow from one year to the next, others may be snowed in for four or five months at a time. No matter whether you are in a snowy climate or a warm one, it’s fun to decorate your house with a snowflake theme and you can choose to put glittery snowflake clings on your window or even to project rotating snowflake lights over your house at night, from waterproof LED lights, using an adaptor.

You can put different kinds of decorations inside your house too, with kitchen appliance handle covers, so it’s not just your house that is decorated but your kitchen too.


Worst Christmas Fails

Nothing ready

Nothing ready

Have you any Christmas “Fails” you hate to be reminded of? Dinner was late, the turkey was still frozen, Uncle John passed out at the table? Here are some of my Christmas “fail” memories and the reason this web site was started: expanding on a book I kept for a few years to remind me of what needs to be done to avoid getting stressed out by Christmas.

Once A Year

Christmas comes only once a year. “Thank goodness”, say some but maybe that’s because it can be hard to remember everything that needs to be done when there is a year between each occasion. It arrives on December 25th every year but when you are up to your oxters dealing with the alligators in a swamp you planned on draining, it can be easy to put off doing those things that will make “doing Christmas” easy, well, easier.

The Oven Broke

There was the year the oven would not cook. Now to be fair to the oven, it had been giving signs of a problem for a couple of months but the problem was only intermittent and my husband, who is “careful” with money thought the problem could wait, after all, we mostly used the top of the stove. Of course, while the turkey was only half cooked, the oven decided to go on the blink. We had to lift the turkey out, take it to our son’s house, finish cooking it there and bring it back, roasting hot! The guests had been warned of problems but decided to delay arriving at our house longer than expected. I had no oven to keep food warm, so we started eating without them. They were not impressed to arrive in to a meal that was half eaten and their share going cold!

No Christmas Cards

Cards not posted?

Cards not posted?

Then there was the year I retired from work. My last day was the last working day before the Christmas holidays and I spent my last three months in a golden haze of delight (no not alcoholic, just pure joy) and anticipation. My last working day was also the last posting date for Christmas cards, which naturally did not get posted. I normally send about 80 Christmas cards and only the ones for local neighbors, that get hand delivered, were sent. I sent out UnChristmas cards to my card list in February!

Turn It Off

No dinner

No dinner

My mother in law held Christmas dinner for a number of years and we went to her house. My father in law was a careful saving man who turned all lights off to save on electricity whenever he could. I think that any switch he saw, he flipped into the “off” position and this habit resulted in my mother in law’s electric oven being turned off in the middle of cooking Christmas dinner. He was not too popular for a while.

Handling The Alcohol

Some relatives are known to imbibe too much of the liquid refreshments anyway and I don’t mean tea, coffee and soda! But most are fairly reasonable unless they are taking something they are not used to. One elderly aunt enjoyed the liqueur chocolates the first year we got them and together with the couple of glasses of sherry she normally took, were enough to need her to be put to bed for the afternoon to sleep it off!

Have You Any Spectacular Fails?

These are just a few of the Christmas fails I have seen or been involved with. Have you any to add?